The Government of Mizoram Regularisation of Contract Employees Scheme 2008 and its amendments


No.A. l1019/5/2008 – P&AR(ARW)/51, the 10th October, 2008. In supercession of this Department’s notification of even number dt. 6.8.2008 and in the interest of Public service and in exercise of the powers conferred under the Proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution of India, the Governor of Mizoram is pleased to make the following scheme namely :-

1. Preamble : This scheme is formulated for giving scope for regularisation of Contract employees to regular vacant posts under the Government of Mizoram.

2. Short title and : This Scheme shall be called, “The Government of Mizoram Regularisation commencement of Contract Employees Scheme, 2008” It shall come into force with immediate effect.

3. Application :

1) This scheme shall apply to the Contractual Employees under various Departments of the Government of Mizoram whose engagements have been made through the duly authorised Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) with the prior approval of DP & AR and the Finance Department. Besides these, contractual employees whose engagements had been made through the duly authorised Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) with the prior concurrence of Finance Department alone before 6th December, 2005 (i.e. before issue of DP&AR’s O.M No. A. 11016/1/88-P&AR (ARW)/45 dt. 6.12.2005) and whose
services are still retained executing Deed of Contractual Agreement, shall also be eligible for regularisation under this Scheme. This shall not apply to the contractual employees under CSS.


2) This Scheme shall not be applicable to those re-employed pensioners on Contract employment.

4. Regularisation :

1) Regularisation of Contract employees shall be in consonance with the reservation policy adopted the Government of Mizoram from time to time.

2) Twenty percent (20%) of vacant posts under Direct Recruitment Quota may be reserved for the aforesaid employees.

3) Any person who has been continuously engaged on Contract basis in the Department for at least 5 (five) years shall be eligible for regularisation in the existing post against which he/she has been engaged provided that such initial engagement had been done through the duly authorised Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) and he/she possesses the required Educational and other qualifications prescribed in the relevant Recruitment Rules. Provided that such regularisation shall be considered in order of the length of service in the contract employment. Provided further that such regularisation shall be subject to satisfactory performance duly recorded in the Performance Reports or any other similar Report for the last 5 (five) years, as may be maintained the Department concerned.

4) The Government may at any time relax the provisions of sub clauses (2) and (3) above as it may deem fit and proper. (Note – He chang sub para 4 of para 4 hi 2009-ah notification No. A. 11019/5/2008-P&AR(ARW)/Pt, the 24th June, 2009 hmanga delete leh nghal a ni –

5) All other things being equal, while making direct recruitment through open advertisement, the candidate(s) who has/have been engaged on contract basis against such post(s) within the Department for which direct recruitment is to be made may be given preference.

5. Condonation of Age :

1) While considering for regular appointment, the age of a Contract employee may be condoned the Government if the employee at the
time of initial engagement was not already overaged.


2) If the Contractual employee had already been overaged at the initial stage of engagement, prior approval for condonation of age shall be obtained from DP & AR.

6. Regularisation not : Notwithstanding anything contained in this Scheme, such regularisation as a matter of right shall not be claimed any Contract Employee as a matter of right.

7. Counting of past : On regularisation, past services rendered as continuous Contract service on employee shall be counted as qualifying service for leave and pensionary regularisation benefits only.

C. Lalchhuana
Additional Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram

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