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Govt. Hnahthial College

1.  Introduction:

Library is the most important part of the Academic Institution It is considered to be the ‘Heart of the institution’. The quality of education is linked with the library. The quality of information collected and disseminated determines the quality of teaching learning process. The role of College Libraries is well recognized as tools and integrated parts. It is largest and most expensive educational resource centre of the College. It requires huge cost to provide satisfactory information support to the teaching learning process in the College. For its effectiveness, a college library requires its due position in the overall structure of the College. No College can develop or set high standards of educational quality without having its library a well-stock, well-staffed and up-to-date library. No College can develop effective work in academic sense without a strong library as its centre.

2.  Objectives of the College Library:

The objective of the College library are as follows:

i) To promote the records of human knowledge and to- keep them up-to-date in accordance with the growing needs and requirement of today and tomorrow.

ii) To remind faculties for the various opportunities of using library resources in teaching.

iii) To facilitate an individual and a group of readers in the use of library resources with the practical demonstration on how to seek information.

iv) To provide necessary resources for the target users.

v) To assists the teaching staff in organizing the synthetic method of teaching.

vi) To provide the support for the students to meet their curriculums requirement.

vii) To provide reference materials to the students and teachers.

3. Library Environment:

The first impression that library service faced is the environment of the Library. It has an indepth effect on everyone who comes within its periphery and has a large impact on an organizations performance. Appropriate location, lighting, ventilation, arrangement of furniture should be carefully arranged to make the library user friendly. The lighting system is basic requirement of any library. Maintaining sufficient ventilation and suitable temperature is other basic necessity of the library. A user friendly environment makes the user more confident and efficient. While designing one should keep in mind all types of users and their requirement. A number of factors such as location, building structure and interior design of the library with sound proof, noise free and discipline of library staff and users play an important role in maintenance of silence. Appropriate library timing are the basic expectations of library users.

4. Library Staff:

To offer efficient function, a College Library requires qualified, able and energetic staff. The number of library staff may be differed according to the various factors like collection, number of users, standard of service, etc. The College with less in enrolment may not requires much staff. Not only that, even if there is qualified and sufficient number of staff, to be able to do their assign works, they need the authority and encouragement to exercise their skill from the controlling authority. That means the controlling authority need to update him/himself to catch up the knowledge of the information explosion in the present era.

5. Library Fund:

Good Library depends on an adequacy of funds. Since Library are spending institutions, finance is an important factors in its development. For steady growth a library requires adequate fund for purchase of materials and maintenance. Then, the quality of library resources and services provided to large extend depends on the amount of funds made available towards library resources and library personnel. In College libraries, regular acquisition of material is compulsory due to its necessity in teaching learning process. At least 10% of the college budget should be earmarked to its library.

6.  Working Hours:

A college library usually follows the timing of the college as its working time. In fact the timing of the college is not suitable to the students and teachers as they need the library facility before and after the college hours otherwise they have to absent from the class to use the library or have to wait for free hours. As such, Library hours will be much appreciated to arrange so as the library users should make use of it on their convenient time.

7.  Library Rules:

To keep library smooth and active in services, formulating library rules is necessary for library users as well as library staff.

8. College Library Services:

The services offered the library may be differed according to the collection provided and the skill and efficiency of the library staff as well as the teaching staff and the standard of the syllabus. The College Library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institutions establishing, maintaining and promoting library and information services both quantitatively and qualitatively. Nowadays libraries offer a wide range of services from references to electronic information services. Most of the college frame a certain rules and guidelines with regards to hours of access, circulation policies and other regulations to offer better services to the users.

9.  Services Rendered By The College Library:

1) Collection Development: College Library collection of resources should be sufficient in quality and quantity so that serviced received from the college library fulfils the basic goal of teaching and learning programs. In affiliated college, the core objectives of the library are to support the academic programs offered and the library  may evolve its collection and services mainly to reflect the curriculum requirement of the target users. Every College library should have its basic collections comprising reference books, text books, light reading materials and materials suitable for various competitive and entrance examinations. All these materials are to be updated regularly to respond with the changing syllabus. The collection development is greatly based on the number of courses offered, students’ strength, budget etc. For better use of the existing library collection it should be in good condition and shelved properly and promptly in its respective place. Collection in good condition demands proper handling both library staff and users. Appropriate shelving conditions and regular repairs can enhance the life of library collections.

2) Book Selection and Acquisition: It is assume that every college library in the state has to follow a book selection policy strictly to make use of the available budget profitably and to meet maximum requirements of the users. Most of the College in Mizoram which are under 2(F) 12(B) are supposed to have Library Committee comprises a members under the chairmanship of the Principal and Lobrarian as Committee Secretary. Under this committee, each department of the institution are requested to submit their requirements within the syllabus and put it for the approval of the purchase committee. After these, the Library staffs are supposed to place an order of the requirements made the teachers as per availability of the fund sanction to them.

3) Organization of materials: A college library collection contain variety of reading materials such as News papers, General and Subject, Periodicals, Textbooks, Reference books, Maps, Atlas including Non-Print materials. As such all the collections are to be organized in a proper way suitable to the user’s community. It is indeed a difficult task. For College library subject wise arrangement classification number are easy and simple to use for the library users. Classification requires library professional who have proper training to do the works.

4) Reference Service: Reference service includes Current awareness service like Documentation, Newspaper Clipping, Binding of old Volumes of periodicals etc.

5) Maintenance: Regular use of Library materials damage its physical condition greatly due to heavy used students and teachers. Hence, damages materials are to be care properly. Reduce the problem, the materials collected must be sufficient in numbers, and kept them carefully, regular binding of the books is very important. To avoid damages the stack room should be properly lighted and ventilated. Regular dusting and cleaning is necessary. Sufficient place to be maintain the collection should be provided.

6) Orientation programmes: Organizing Orientation Programme for the Fresh students is one of the important services done the Library staff.

7) Computerization of library with standard library software: Digitizing library books and operating the in-house services with the standard library is very helpful. It saves times as well as man power.

8) Best User Award: Distributing Best User Award to the Library user is very encouraging for the users.

9) Suggestion Box and Timely Response: Placing suggestion box for the users is also a good service provided the library that in turn helps the staff to improve the services offer them.

10) Reprographic Service: Reprographic service is one of the most important services provided the library. Photocopy of the text Book, reference, Journals or any research work that cost less amount of the money help the students in acquiring their information needs within a short period of time.

10.  Conclusion:

A college library in order to survive should acquire resources which are useful, helpful to the target users. A well equipped library is the foundation of modern educational structure. Education bereft of Library service is like a body without soul, a vehicle without an engine. As Library and information service plays a central role in enhancing the quality of Academic and research environment, College Library services play a dynamic role in enhancing the quality academic pursuits and achievement.


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