Lok Sabha MP atan C. Lalrosanga thlan tlin a ni

LOK SABHA MP Mizoram aiawh turin Pu C. Lalrosanga thlan tlin a ni

Party  Name of the Candidate  Vote
MNF C Lalrosanga (Elected) 2,21,790
Independent Candidate (supported ZPM and INC) Lalnghinglova Hmar 2,13,063
BJP Candidate Nirupam Chakma 27,802
PRISM Candidate TBC Lalvenchhunga 13,087
Independent Candidate Lalhriatrenga Chhangte 12,363
Independent Candidate Lalthlamuani 1,891
None of the above (NOTA) 2,474

C. Lalrosanga chanchin tlangpui

Pu C.Lalrosanga hi kum 1957 March ni 1 khan a lo piang a. Tunah hian Tuikual North, Aizawl-ah an khawsa mek.


Pachhunga University College-ah B.A History(Hons.) a zirlaiin Sawrkarah a lùt a. Sawrkar a a luh hnuin a hnuai a mite hi a zir zo leh a ni:

i). Management Course, Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad.

ii). Orientation Course (6 months), Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

iii). Radio Management Course, Deutsche Welle, Cologne, Germany.

iv). Staff Training Institute of All India Radio, New Delhi.

C Lalrosanga photo, C. Lalrosanga image, C. Lalrosanga picture, Mizoram MP photo
C. Lalrosanga


Director General, Doordarshan, New Delhi kum 2015 atanga a pension thlengin a thawk a. Kum 2010-15 chhungin Deputy Director General leh Additional Director General, All India Radio & Doordarshan(for North Eastern Region) a chelh a, kum 2005-2010 ah Director, Doordarshan Kendra, Aizawl a ni bawk.


Kum 1975-ah All India Radio, Aizawl-ah News Reader hna a thawk tan a. Hemi hnu hian UPSC kaltlangin Indian Information Service, kum 1982 khan a zawm a, kum 1991-ah UPSC kaltlang vekin Indian Broadcasting Programme Service, a zawm leh a. He Service a thawh chhunga chanvo hrang hrang a chelhte chu;

1). News Editor, All India Radio, Aizawl

2). Director, North Eastern Service, All India Radio, Shillong

3). Station Director, All India Radio, Shillong

4). Station Director, All India Radio, Aizawl

5). Joint Secretary, Gov’t of Mizoram

6). Director, Dte., AIR, New Delhi

7). Director, Doordarshan Kendra, Aizawl

8). i/c DDG, NER-II, AIR

9). ADG, NER, AIR & Doordarshan, Aizawl


1). INBUSH Award for Excellence in Media, Amity University, New Delhi

2). Best Actor Award, 1975, NEHU, Shillong


1). Chairman, Wake-Up Mizoram Ministry, Aizawl

2). Chawlhni Zan Thuhriltu, Presbyterian Kohhran, Tuikual North, Aizawl

3). Adviser, Set Free Ministry, India

4). Founder Speaker, Prayer for Myanmar

5). Adviser, Orissa for Christ(Love India Mission)

6). President(2000-04), Mizo Zaimi Inzawmkhawm(MZI), General Headquarter, Aizawl

7). Director, Redemption Theatricals(Mizo Hamlet Drama)

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